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I’m a process engineer with 51 years of experience in extractive metallurgy, inorganic metal chemistry, process development/management, failure analysis, industrial waste water treatment, and the development of Techno-Economic Models.

For the last couple of decades, most of my work has been on process development and techno-economic modeling of new extractive metallurgy processes in magnesium, rare earths, and commodity chemicals from new sources.  It is difficult work, the projects are always underfunded, clients are often novices at project development, and the failure rate is very high.  But I love the potential of many of these projects.  I believe I can improve the success rate if I can find some clients that will also take advantage of my experience with project management in addition to my technical expertise. 

I enjoy understanding how things work and making them work better.  I see everything as a system, a system that is either working together to meet an objective or not.  Chemical systems are the easiest for me to understand and optimize, but on most projects I work on there are also management, information, and planning systems that are also in play and often underperforming.  Having worked on hundreds of projects, most of which have failed to meet their objectives, I think I have some wisdom to offer on most of these systems that clients usually consider out of my strike zone.  



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I look forward to hearing from you.  I am good at understanding chemical processes, perhaps I can help your project be successful.




When I have downtime, I am working on a process to make magnesium which I call the Torpedo Process.  The link of course does not really give you “the secret”, but we hope to apply for a patent this year that will provide enough technical details for the Chinese to use it.




Typical Rates

$160/hr (domestic). Down payment required for new customers or old customers with poor payment history.

$10,000 in advance for 100 hours.  Past 100 hours option to stop or continue at standard rate of $160/hr.  All estimates are good faith estimates, nonbinding.

Rates for Expert Witness and Other Legal Work


Typical Standard Terms

30 days net Balance Due