Metallurgical Viability, Inc.



I have 50 years of experience in extractive metallurgy, much of it in process development.  I also build techno-economic models that can improve the probability of your project becoming viable while enabling you to use your limited resources more efficiently. 


Project Viability: The Case for Techno-Economic Models


Introduction to Robert R. Odle, Ph.D. and Metallurgical Viability, Inc. (please select picture to link to video)



Comprehensive Odle Resume


Note: Most of my fifty one years of experience is in the development, design and operation of extractive metallurgy plants, both pyro and hydrometallurgy/chemical metallurgy.


I have worked in process development, production, R&D, Engineering, Marketing, and as an Entrepreneur.   Please see resume link above.  I have several unique skill sets that will increase the likelihood of your project being viable.  I am also skilled in corrosion (especially in chemical or metallurgical process plants). 


I look forward to hearing from you.  I am always looking for an interesting project to work on.  If your project has not yet developed and you just want to look for some ideas, give me a call I try to always keep the long view in mind and I value new contacts / relationships.