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Robert R. Odle, Ph.D.

Peter Pinfold

Corrosion Consulting

My strength in corrosion comes from my early career in extractive hydrometallurgy.   "In that life" my goal was to put metals into solution.  Understanding how to put metals into solution gives one great insight into how not to put metals into solution.  Couple this with my strong process engineering background and my understanding of corrosion theory, and I am able to help you with the following:

  • Understanding the mechanism of corrosion damaging your equipment.
  • Alternatives to eliminating your corrosion problem, both materials and process changes.
  • Recommending corrosion testing and supervising same to enable better material decisions.
  • Failure Analysis involving corrosion.

Corrosion Testing

  • Corrosion Testing is done to support consulting jobs when required with Corrosion Testing Labs in Newark, DE..
  • We can even work with your process engineers to identify if process upsets or normal operating conditions that are causing the corrosion and perhaps appropriate corrosion tests to validate our theories.
  • Help select materials in conjunction with your materials experts and your process engineers.

Economics of Corrosion

Finally, I have a very strong economics background which allows an evaluation of the viable alternatives and a presentation to you which gives the:

  • The economic evaluation of your alternatives.
  • The intangible trade-offs of your options.
  • Flowsheet of alternative and probable outcomes.

Implementation Coaching

Finally, from forty years of experience, I can provide some practical alternatives on how to implement the solution -- perhaps, sitting in and even facilitating some brainstorming sessions on how to best get from where you are to where you need to be.  I'll ask a lot of questions to help your team find the best, or at least, a good solution.

Part-Time Corrosion Engineer or Coach

Do you have corrosion challenges but just not enough work to justify a full-time engineer.  With an annual commitment, we can probably come up with a rate that works for both of us.  Or, do you have some engineers that are fresh out of school who need some coaching to get them up to speed providing material and corrosion solutions? Perhaps I can help.

Process Engineering





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