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Robert R. Odle, Ph.D.

Peter Pinfold

Robert R. Odle, Ph.D. has served as an expert witness in about six cases. In several, agreements were made that restrict my ability to discuss the case, so details furnished below are limited and/or omitted in cases below.

Type of Case / Company



2002 Expert for Douglas G. Peterson and Associates and Liberty Mutual Insurance.  Explosion in tantalum recycling plant.  

Expert in evaluating cause and remedy for explosion in an tantalum recycling plant. Confirming insurance company was replacing equipment destroyed in fire with equivalent not upgraded equipment.

Litigation and disagreement between company and insurance company settled out of court.

2004 Bolts failed on manlift resulting in death

Expert for company that owned manlift. Did independent failure analysis and review procedures of company that had recently performed maintenance on manlift.

Wrote report, case settled out of court.

Was employee of Corrosion Testing Laboratories*

2005 Hole in Evaporator, HF & steam leak resulted in one death and injuries. / Honeywell, Houston.

Expert for operating company, part of large carrying out failure analysis on evaporator.

Wrote report.  Evidence of welding company errors. Was employee of Corrosion Testing Laboratories*

2011 Class Action Lawsuit against National Gypsum, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP, law firm in Philadelphia. 

On NG team of experts.  I assisted in the evaluation of  corrosion in copper wiring and metal contamination of gypsum wall boards in houses potentially exposed to hydrogen sulfide. Directed supporting laboratory work.  Depositions given.

Reports written, depositions taken, class action suit dismissed by court.

2014. The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (“HACLA”), CA owns an approximate 21 acre parcel of land at 9901 S. Alameda Street (the “Alameda Site,” or the “Site”) that has contaminations of lead and arsenic.1 HACLA, to help pay for a cleanup of the Alameda Site, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Central District of California - Western against Enerfab and others.


Expert on welding and fabrication wastes and wastes generated by electric arc furnaces smelting scrap metals.  Supporting Steve N. Siegel Dinsmore & Shohl LLP.


Report written, case still pending.

*CTL, Corrosion Testing Laboratories was my employer at this time.  Confidentiality Agreement with CTL limits details I can share.

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